08 March 2024

Marking Milestones and Progress: Circular Plastic Pallets in Action!

After months of dedicated effort, supported by The Norwegian Retailers' Environmental Fund (HMF), AION is delighted to show the first batch of our circular plastic pallets in active service at CIRCMAR's RTI (Returnable Transport Item) operation!

AION circular pallets in use at CIRCMAR
AION circular pallets in use at CIRCMAR

From concept to reality: Pioneering circular solutions:

Utilizing recycled plastic waste sourced directly from the seafood industry itself, AION together with CIRCMAR and the seafood industry has engineered and manufactured several thousand reusable pallets designed to drive waste reduction and deliver substantial environmental benefits.

With crucial backing from The Norwegian Retailers' Environmental Fund, we're now advancing the widespread adoption of reusable pallets, set to replace millions of single-use wooden pallets annually.

Seamless integration with automated systems:

Witness the seamless integration between the AION Nestable Pallet and CIRCMAR’s state-of-the-art RTI operation at Maura/Gardemoen! This solution not only prioritizes hygiene and efficiency, but also showcases how these pallets will be reshaping the landscape for transportation and handling of seafood.

CIRCMAR’s innovative solution is now onboarding many seafood and aquaculture companies onto this pallet RTI solution, offering significant cost-saving benefits and delivers huge environmental impact.

Through projects and cross-industry collaboration like this, AION is demonstrating the tangible impact of circular solutions in real-world applications. As we continue to innovate and collaborate, AION is committed to driving meaningful change in the industry and beyond.