Circular transportation pallets

AION's circular plastic pallets are a unique combination of strong performance, long durability that facilitates both cost savings and a sustainable logistics operation for our customers.

AION's circular pallets

  • Saves our customers an average of 84% CO2 per pallet
  • Can save up to 95% of waste associated with pallets at our customers
  • Saves our customers between 20-50% compared to wooden pallets
  • Are traceable and can be adapted with smart technology to track, among other things, location and temperature

AION's circular pallets are designed for

  • Recycling - over and over again
  • 100% recycled material
  • Washing and hygiene
  • 100% material traceability
  • Return scheme to ensure closed circuit
  • Can be adapted to both shelves and treadmills
  • Can be both "nestable" and "stackable"

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Picture of a plastic pallet

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