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AIONMay 24, 2024 9:11:26 AM1 min read

About AION by Aker BioMarine

AION offers circularity and recycling as a service and industrial solution for plastics. We do this by designing plastic products for recovery and recycling, and by managing valuable material from waste streams into new production.



Seine, trawls, big bags and sacks of flour are examples of products that are used up, but which can still be used in the production of new products. These are made of robust, high-quality material and can be recycled and reused again and again. In this way, we not only ensure recycling, but precisely full circularity. This results in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and eliminates waste in the value chain.

AION follows the material and products from receipt of what would have become waste, to recycling, production of new products and return. At all stages of this process, we collect data through our digital platform, AION LOOP, which ensures traceability and documents the environmental impact for our customers. Full traceability of the material, throughout the entire value chain, is at the core and absolutely central to our business model.

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AION supplies, among other things, serving trays, shopping baskets and plastic pallets. Our serving trays and shopping baskets are designed for ease of use and durability, and made from 100% recycled plastic waste from the Norwegian marine industry. Design, material and return arrangements mean that AION's products are recycled and used again and again.

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AION's circular plastic pallets are a unique combination of strong performance, long durability that facilitates both cost savings and a sustainable logistics operation for our customers. AION's recyclable transport pallets save our customers an average of 84% CO2 per pallet and up to 95% of waste associated with pallets. The pallets are trackable and can be adapted with smart technology to track, among other things, location and temperature. AION's circular plastic pallets are designed for recycling, washing and hygiene. We have 100% material traceability and a return system to ensure a closed loop. Our pallets can be adapted to both racks and conveyor belts, and can be both "nestable" (braided) and "stackable" (stacked) to save space and volume.

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Guiding businesses on their path to plastic accountability. Let's shape a future where plastic is not just waste, but a valuable resource.