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Redefining Logistics
  • EUR-Pallet dimension 
  • Customization options available
  • High-quality and long-lived
  • Design for function in various climates
  • 4-way entry 
  • Multiple reuses
  • In Denmark
  • In Sweden
  • In The Netherlands
  • Return to AION for zero-waste
  • 100% recycled materials
  • Made without reinforcements  


Driving sustainability in logistics & supply chain: AION pallets represent a transformative shift in the logistics industry, driven by a commitment to sustainability and efficiency. By replacing traditional linear pallets with fully circular alternatives, AION aims to save costs, reduce waste, and minimize CO2 emissions. Our purpose is clear: to create a more predictable and circular supply chain.

Beyond sustainability, AION pallets offer practical advantages, with innovative design features enhancing efficiency and organization in the logistics chain. 

Innovative Solutions: The AION Nestable Pallet

At AION, we redefine pallets with a new focus on circular innovation, sustainability and optimization. Our AION Nestable Pallet, crafted for the Norwegian seafood industry - now stands to revolutionize seafood logistics on a global scale, replacing millions of single-use wooden pallets.

The AION Nestable Pallets is crafted from 100% recycled and high-quality plastics, ensuring durability and impact resistance for long-lasting solution for your logistics. Practical features such as easy cleaning, RFID/IoT compatibility, and freezer storage capability enhance functionality. We prioritize transparency, tracking data throughout the plastic value chain to provide seamless impact reporting. Through our return schemes, we establish closed-loop sustainability, revolutionizing pallet disposal and minimizing waste. Join us in transforming logistics with sustainable, efficient, and transparent pallet solutions. 

The AION Nestable Pallet: 

  • EUR-Pallet dimension (1200x800mm)
  • High-durability and multiple reuses 
  • Design for function in freezer/cold storage  
  • RFID/IoT ready 
  • 4-way entry 
  • Highly Nestable 
  • 100% recycled materials
  • Made without reinforcements hindering recycling
  • Ribbed reinforced legs

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Let us know the specification of what pallet you’re looking for and we’ll help you!

A Sustainable Shift in the Right Direction

Wooden pallets have long been the industry standard, with more than 650 million Europallets in circulation globally. However, they come with significant drawbacks. Not only are they heavy, but they also lack hygiene, washability, and compatibility with a modern supply-chain through RFID/data solutions. Wooden pallet manufacturing also plays a significant role in deforestation, contributing to habitat loss as a staggering 20-40% of the world's timber is used in pallet production, and fluctuate heavily in price and supply due to global events.  

It's time to transition to more sustainable alternatives! 

AION introduced the Nestable Pallet as a comprehensive solution to the myriad of challenges faced by industries burdened with outdated, inefficient, and unsustainable pallets. These challenges include hidden costs and operational inefficiencies associated with wooden or poor-quality plastic pallets, as well as sustainability concerns such as contamination, waste generation, and resource depletion. By offering fully circular pallets crafted from 100% recycled, high-quality plastics, AION addresses these issues head-on, providing a sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient alternative for modern logistics requirements.  

AION Nestable pallet image

The Impact of AION Circular Pallets

Experience many impactful benefits with AION Circular Pallets, ranging from cost efficiency and cleanliness to sustainability and enhanced supply chain visibility. Increase transportation efficiency, maintain hygiene standards, and preserve assets with custom-branded, long-lasting pallets. Furthermore, ensures regulatory compliance, improves safety, and supports sustainability efforts through participation in a fully circular product lifecycle. With access to essential data for ESG documentation and real-time tracking options, AION Circular Pallets empower businesses to make informed decisions and drive environmental stewardship across their supply chains. 

With return of otherwise discarded pallets, AION ensures closed-loop recycling of all our pallets. Utilizing the material to it's highest possible use again and again. AION can also assess your value-chain to identify any sources of plastic that could be utilized into making pallets, creating a truly circular solution. 

“With this agreement*, we get our used product bags into new value chains. Waste is a lost value, now we get to put waste into a circular system on a much larger scale than we have done before. It is the start of an exciting journey for both Aker BioMarine and AION, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration to promote a more sustainable and circular economy!”
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How we make our AION pallet special

  • Extended Lifespan: Choose long-lived plastic pallets for your logistics that outlive traditional options. Crafted from 100% recycled marine plastic, they exemplify our commitment to sustainability. The plastic selected also provides a flexible-material quality, limiting impact injuries on the pallet during use.
  • Circular Economy Implementation: Partner with us to implement a return scheme on all AION pallets. Through this initiative, AION takes all pallets in return, recycles and reuses the materials, ensuring a truly circular lifecycle for our products.
  • Enhanced Design: With several innovative and improved design-features, the AION Nestable Pallet will surprise you. Designed for easy cleaning and drying, with RFID-recesses and ribbed, reinforced legs to increase durability to mention some!

  • Comprehensive Data Tracking: Benefit from our thorough data tracking system, which monitors material sources and tracks all phases of the plastic value chain. With easy access to ready-made impact reports, you can stay informed about the sustainability of your product orders.
  • Variety and Customization: Find the pallet that meets your needs, and reach out to us if you require a specific design or size. AION is also happy to assess whether some of the plastic in your own value-chain could be used in the pallets as material.
  • Optimized for freezer and cold-storage: While many plastic pallets are less then ideal in freezers and get slippery easily. The AION Nestable Pallet is designed for this very purpose.

Customer Benefits of Using Our Product

Reduced Environmental Impact

By eliminating the unnecessary use of new resources, either if it's virgin plastic from crude oil, or virgin wood from areas impacted by deforestation, our customers contribute to lower CO2 emissions and achieve zero waste, aligning with sustainability goals. 

Making a switch from a 24kg wooden pallet to a 10kg AION pallet will also help reduce total weight of shipments and lower emissions. 

Time Savings and Quality Assurance Customers save time previously spent on procurement to replace poor-quality pallets and deal with loss of goods. Our high-quality and sustainable pallets offer longevity and reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
Promotion of Circular Economy Our fully circular product empowers end-users to champion sustainable plastics and circular economy principles. By using our pallets, customers actively support environmental stewardship.
Enhanced operational efficiency

While traditional Euro Pallets serve it's purpose, a high-quality nestable option can drastically reduce both costs, weight and increase efficiency. 

Where you can return 1617 AION Nestable pallet on an empty truck vs only 500 Euro Pallets - significantly reducing the cost per pallet.

Comprehensive Impact Reporting AION provides essential data for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) documentation or ready-made impact reports tailored to customers' needs. This enables easy tracking of CO2 emissions, waste, and recycled content in the product category. 
Regulatory Compliance Made Easy

Customers can effortlessly comply with new regulations by opting for our product, which utilizes up to 100% recycled material in a plastic product.

Pallets are often an overlooked packaging item, but one that will also be affected by new EU regulations on packaging - setting demands of reuse and recycled content. 

Zero-Waste Company Profile Choosing our product helps customers create a zero-waste company profile, demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility, while previously having large amount of waste from their wooden pallets in operations. 
Increased hygiene

Wooden pallets are a known source of rot, fungus and insects being shipped across borders. Creating large amounts of debris and dirt in every part of the logistics value-chain. Increase the level of cleanliness with plastic pallets that can easily be washed, and doesn't carry risk of infections. 

Better HSE for employees Help increase the level of Health and Safety for your employees having to lift your 24kg pallets manually, by switching to a lighter option.
A stable cost horizon and supply-chain While standard EPAL shift greatly in price depending on outside events in the world, affecting the supply - AION pallets in a closed-loop system ensures a stable supply chain for years. 


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