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Empowering Sustainability and eliminating single-use
  • Custom options available
  • Branding available
  • 100% Recyclable and food-grade PP 
  • Lightweight and flexible made for multiple reuses
  • Designed for easy washing and drying
  • In Norway
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe 
  • QR-code or RFID compatible
  • Return to AION for recycling and zero waste

The Purpose Behind AION Reusables

Discover the purpose behind AION reusable packaging for food and drink, rooted in the mission to combat the environmental impact of single-use packaging waste. While crafted from virgin plastic due to current regulatory constraints, these bowls represent an initial step towards sustainability, designed for versatility and reusability. By choosing AION Products, customers contribute to a greener future, aligning with AION's commitment to reducing single-use packaging one meal at a time. 
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Innovative Solutions: The AION Takeaway Bowls

Discover AION's innovative approach to sustainability through their Takeaway Bowls. Designed for everything between canteens and events, these bowls minimize waste and leakage. AION goes further by facilitating the return and recycling of used bowls, aiming for a closed-loop system. With a focus on circular design and functionality, AION Takeaway Bowls pave the way for a greener future, setting a new standard in sustainability. 

  • Volume: 800mL 
  • 100% Recyclable and food-grade PP 
  • Manufactured and recycled in Norway 
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe 

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Let us know the specification of what bowl you’re looking for and we’ll help you!

AION's Solution to Single-use Takeaway Packaging

In today's fast-paced world, single-use takeaway packaging has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. However, this convenience comes at a significant cost to the environment. The excessive use of disposable packaging contributes to mountains of waste, polluting our planet and harming ecosystems. 

Enter the AION Takeaway Bowl—a revolutionary solution designed to eliminate the need for single-use packaging. Whether you're running a bustling canteen or hosting a bustling event, our Takeaway Bowl offers a sustainable alternative that's both convenient and eco-friendly. 

How It Works: Our Takeaway Bowls are crafted for versatility, making them ideal for busy environments where food is consumed on-the-go. Once used, these bowls are collected, thoroughly cleaned, and made ready for reuse. We've partnered with innovative re-use companies integrating their solutions seamlessly with our Takeaway Bowls. Together, we're pioneering easy-to-use and impactful solutions to combat the single-use waste crisis. 



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Choose the AION Takeaway Bowl and join us in our mission to create a greener, more sustainable future—one meal at a time.

Experience the AION takeaway bowl: Impact for our customers and environment

Discover the myriad benefits of choosing AION Takeaway Bowls for your packaging needs. From eliminating single-use waste to embracing circular packaging practices, AION empowers customers to make a positive environmental impact. Enjoy cost savings, CO2 reduction, and the satisfaction of joining the circular economy movement with every use of our sustainable bowls. 

Choose the AION Takeaway Bowl and embrace a greener, more sustainable way of living—one meal at a time. 



Sodexo DNB 2
Working in our extended value chain is very important for Sodexo. As a big player in the food value chain, we also have a responsibility to drive a sustainable development within take away packaging, and bring in circularity where we can. We need to find those radical change makers who dare to disrupt the current thinking and status quo. The AION people are brave and smart, and both we and our client DNB took pride in this joint project. Now we are ready to deploy the solutions at several sites.
Kirstine Holst - Sodexo quote


The AION Coffee cup is design for a better coffee drinking experience, with a new and improved lid over today's single-use options. Made to last for multiple reuses, with all needs of the re-use value-chain considered. 

Easy washing, drying and stacking for collection and return. Manufactured locally in Norway. Returned to AION for zero waste. 


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The AION Coffee Cup: 

  • Improved lid that's easy to put on
  • With closed-lid option to avoid spilling
  • Angled ribs on outside to avoid burns 
  • Easily wash, dry and stackable
  • With removable RFID-compartment to ensure close-loop recycling
  • QR-code spacing on lid and cup
  • Custom branding available
  • Fits standard systems
  • Cups and lids in same material

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How we make our AION Bowls special

  • Long Lifespan: Our bowls are made to last and designed without features that will easily break or be difficult to clean, thus limiting the amount of reuses possible. Dishwasher and microwave safe features ensures a long lifespan for all bowls. 
  • Circular Economy Implementation: While our bowls are for now made in 100% virgin PP to ensure food-safety and oblige with EU regulations - we are committed to work towards a closed-loop recycling also for this category. In the meantime all bowls are 100% recyclable, and we take all products in return and use the material in our many other product groups to ensure zero-waste!
  • Partner Collaboration: AION reusable bowls are design to be re-uses as many times as possible - so that's why we partner up with re-use systems such as Vytal and others, to ensure returns, collection and a smooth system for our customers.  
  • Comprehensive Data Tracking: AION's thorough data tracking system monitors material sources and tracks all phases of the plastic value chain. We document all necessary data to enable us to set up a future closed-loop recycling of food-grade PP.
  • Variety and Customization: Choose from our range of different colors or customizations, or reach out to us if you require a specific design or size. We're here to accommodate your unique needs and preferences. 
  • Digital and data-driven: All AION reusable products can be combined with QR or RFID-solutions to ensure a fit to different re-use systems.

Customer Benefits of Using Our Product

Reduced Environmental Impact By eliminating the unnecessary use of thousands of single-use packaging items daily, which is one of the leading causes of pollution in larger cities - customers can instead contribute to lower CO2 emissions and achieve zero waste goals.
Time Savings and Quality Assurance

Customers save time previously spent on procurement to constantly re-stock on single-use packaging items. Our high-quality and long-lived bowls offer longevity and reliability, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Promotion of Circular Economy Reduce, Reuse - Recycle! Opting for reusable products over single-use and linear products supports circular economy principles. By using our our bowls that go into material recycling at the end-of-life, customer reduce both waste and GHG emissions. 
Enhanced Satisfaction

While single-use packaging is convenient, it doesn't add much to the food experience. Reusables offer a higher quality products for end-customers to enjoy their food out of, increasing overall satisfaction.

Comprehensive Impact Reporting AION provides essential data for ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) documentation or ready-made impact reports tailored to customers' needs. This enables easy tracking of CO2 emissions, waste, and % of returned products in this category. 
Regulatory Compliance Made Easy A landslide of regulations are hitting the single-use packaging category currently, limiting the use of such products. With reusable AION bowls you can instead easily stay compliant and ahead of regulations.
Zero-Waste Company Profile Choosing our product helps customers create a zero-waste company profile, demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility. 
Designed for and by the industry Our bowls were developed in close collaboration with Sodexo Norway, and the specialized kitchen and canteen staff. Combining functionality in all parts of the re-use value-chain, with aesthetic appeal. 


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