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May 24, 2024 9:08:41 AM

AION Shopping Basket and Surfact Asset Tracker has been selected as a finalist for the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2024

AION is delighted to announce that this year two of our AION designs has been selected as finalist for the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2024. The awards will be handed out in Amsterdam on the 19-20th of June.


The Plastics Recyclers Awards Europe 2024


The Plastics Recycling Show Europe is a dedicated exhibition, conference and awards for plastics recycling. With several of the biggest names in recycled materials, recycling machinery and services on display - showing the latest innovation from the industry.

The awards itself offers an insight into current developments in recycled material usage, product design and innovative manufacturing.


AION is nominated for two categories in this years awards

AION is with our 100% circular Shopping Basket for retail shortlisted as a finalist in the Household and Leisure Product of the Year, and the fully circular Asset Tracker designed for the Norwegian smart logistics company, Surfact is nominated in the category of Automotive, Electrical or Electronic Product of the Year.



AION shopping basket for retail nominated as Household and Leisure Product of the Year

The AION basket for retail is an innovative product designed to ensure the use of 100% recycled marine plastic, and with a fully circular commitment where baskets can easily be returned and recycled - contributing to a fully closed-loop and zero waste.

The product also has several design improvements over traditional shopping baskets, such as easy-clean handles!


The Surfact Asset Tracker is nominated in the Automotive, Electrical or Electronic Product category of the Year.

AION, Surfact and Axxe teamed up last year to revolutionize smart logistics with sustainable carrier box for Surfact's asset tracker, that ensures real-time data tracking - helping companies maintain the quality of goods during transport.

AION's expertise in circular design ensures the carrier box has been manufactured using 100% recycled marine materials, and the box is designed for complete recycling and reuse once it reaches the end of its life.



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