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AIONMay 24, 2024 9:25:10 AM2 min read

SiO has already reduced the use of single-use takeaway packaging by 29% in new project!

AION is very proud to partner in a new project to help students at the University of Oslo (UiO) reduce the amount of single-use packaging used in SiO canteens daily, and introduce a full system for reusable bowls for takeaway!


The canteen staff showcasing the new AION bowls over the single-use packaging. Foto: Oslo kommune/Bymiljøetaten


The pilot that is lead by Studentskipnaden in Oslo (SiO), and funded by the city of Oslo / Bymiljøetaten through SmartOslo, is a collaboration with companies from the Norwegian start-up scene to pilot reusable packaging for food at SiO canteens.


The full project group with SiO, Bymiljøetaten, Vytal Norway, GRIN and AION.
Foto: Oslo Kommune / Bymiljøetaten



Ida Austlid is the head of SiO Food and Drink, and talks about the green pilot-project that has already started. Fredrikke spiseri, one of SiO's locations have replaced their old packaging with reusable green bowls from AION.


"3 out of 4 guests choose single-use takeaway bowls last year. That amounts to 3000 bowls per day at all SiO locations combined. We now hope these numbers can turn around."
- Ida Austlid, SiO Food and Drink



SiO has ambitions to reduce the 3000 single-use bowls used daily in their
locations. Foto: Oslo Kommune / Bymiljøetaten


The students use the Vytal app and system to borrow the AION bowls for up to 14 days without any costs, using the QR code on the bowl. They then return the used bowls in the collection machine set up on campus by GRIN, again using the QR code to open for returns.

The students borrow the bowls for free, but if not returned by the end of the 14 day period a penalty cost will be fined, to encourage returns. The bowls are then washed and ready to be used again!

Read more about how the system works: Flergangsboks - SiO


Students rent bowls for free through the Vytal app. Foto: Oslo Kommune /


Bowls are returned in GRIN machine using smart technology to read QR
codes. Foto: Oslo Kommune / Bymiljøetaten

The students have welcomed the project so far. During the first three days we have reduced the amount of single-use bowls by 29%, compared to the same time last year. That's great to see, and great for the environment. The reusable bowls can be reused many times, and recycled into new product, meaning they are fully circular"

The pilot started this April, and will run until the end of June. Austlid goes on to talk about how it will be exciting to see if the habits of the students will change over time, and that SiO are proud to be the first student organization to take such an initiative into use.

AION is happy to see our bowls go into a system that secures reuse and circularity. Creating a solution together that unveils the environmental benefits of reducing single-use is exactly what we want to be a part of
- Kristina Skants, AION

See the full video from Oslo Kommune / Bymiljøetaten here:

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