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AIONMay 24, 2024 9:34:53 AM2 min read

AION and Surfact Team Up to Revolutionize Smart Logistics with Sustainable Carrier Box

AION, a leading innovator in circular plastic solutions, has joined forces with Surfact, a smart logistics startup on a mission to make cargo more intelligent. Surfact has leveraged AION's expertise to develop a fully circular data carrier box, designed to optimize supply chain and logistics processes while minimizing waste and environmental impact.


AION and Surfact Team Up to Revolutionize Smart Logistics with Sustainable Carrier Box


Surfact's primary focus is on real-time data tracking, which helps companies maintain the quality of goods during transportation. By using a carrier box equipped with sensors and electronics to monitor cargo, Surfact enables supply chain optimization, resulting in significant waste reduction, cost savings, and positive environmental outcomes for its clients.

The carrier box's electronic unit is manufactured by Norwegian electronics producer Axxe, based in Halden, Østfold. The facility relies on INTEK automation equipment for hands-free production. To develop the carrier box itself, Surfact turned to AION for its advisory services.


Per Magne Helseth, Co-founder and CEO of Surfact with Nils Henrik Parborg,
Director of Material and Circular Product at AION


AION's expertise in circular design ensures the carrier box is manufactured using 100% recycled materials sourced from marine industry waste streams. Moreover, the box is designed for complete recycling and reuse once it reaches the end of its life, providing a closed-loop solution for Surfact's clients.


AION has designed Surfact’s carrier box in monomaterial, fit for 100%
circularity and optimized assembly at scale production.


AION's design of the carrier box utilizes monomaterial, enabling 100% circularity and efficient assembly for large-scale production. This process design extends to the carrier box's entire value chain, promoting a fully localized supply chain within Eastern Norway.

The innovative design of the carrier box eliminates the need for small parts such as metal screws, simplifying assembly and disassembly. The electronic units are easily clicked into place and can be quickly removed, saving time and reducing costs for optimized production.

Per Magne Helseth, CEO of Surfact, highlights the importance of the circular business model, stating, "Leveraging ocean plastic and putting everything into a circular business model, we are incentivized to make hardware that lasts. Clients have no upfront cost, just a reliable service.”


Runa Haug Khoury, CEO of AION, expresses pride in the collaboration, saying, "In Surfact, we have found a partner that shares AION's passion for innovation that couples product development and services into greener and more efficient solutions. The partnership demonstrates how AION's flexible advisory offering can drive industrial plastic circularity."


About Surfact

Surfact, a Norwegian smart logistics startup, aims to transform cargo management by providing an online asset tracking service. The company's carrier box, made from recycled ocean plastic, helps companies maintain goods quality at reduced costs while offsetting their carbon footprint. For more information, visit

About AION

AION specializes in helping clients across industries turn plastic challenges into valuable solutions, driving the transition towards a circular economy for industrial plastics. AION's digital platform, AION Loop, ensures value chain traceability and documented environmental effects. To learn more, visit



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